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I work as an assistant professor at computer science and engineering, American University in Cairo. My research is in high performance computing (HPC), currently focusing on: Multi-/Many-Cores architectures, performance engineering, cloud computing and virtualization. have a quick look at my play ground page to know more. I enjoy delivering to my students quality education by pushing them out of their confrom zone. I focus with my students on being more creative solving real life problems..


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Challenges Ahead of HPC Applications in the Cloud                    

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Mohamed Ahmed is an assistant professor at the department of computer science and engineering of the American University in Cairo (AUC). He got his BS and MSc from the AUC. He received his PhD from the University Of Connecticut (UCONN). During his masters he was one of the early researchers who built a component-based operating system using object oriented technologies.  He decided to move to the wild world of high performance computing (HPC) working in different sub-domains, such as performance engineering, HPC applications, and cloud computing for HPC systems. Dr. Mohamed has one provisional patent and several peer-reviewed publications in operating systems engineering, reliability, threading models, and programming models.

Dr. Mohamed’s research interests basically fall under HPC. His current focus is in utilizing multi-/many-core microprocessors in massively parallel systems. Dr. Mohamed is currently working on ambitious projects to make programming many-core processors easier and more efficient. One of his objectives is to make HPC systems available for both researchers in other science domains and industry in a faction of current cost of HPC infrastructure and ready to use in a very short time. He is currently working on porting applications and algorithms for biology, material sciences, and computational chemistry to new compute acceleration architectures such as GPGPUs.


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